There was also very loud music playing that night, even on the 41st floor we couldn't enjoy sitting outside because it was so loud. Huge hotel with 41 floors and you all have 4 elevators. (Translated by Google) Hyde resort is the best hotel I have ever met with excellent facilities and personal service is amazing has gym, spa and pool is so great, thanks for everything Hyde resort in special Juan Sebastian Dominguez for you attention Hyde soho No se si pensaron que al vernos jovenes tenian derecho a tratarnos mal, pero customers siempre es lo primero y el servicio debe de ser excellent .Era Viernes en la tarde y por todo eso que nos sucedio, decidimos irnos sabado del hotel, logramos que nos devolvieran una parte del dinero del deposito, pues ya nos sentiamos indispuestos y maltratados. When we tried to speak to a manager there was no manager or supervisor on site to address any of my concerns. (Original) 10-15 minute wait for elevators is normal. Excelente todo, (Translated by Google) Excelnte location and view Nice ocean front hotel. I will not be back unfortunately. ????? Horrible service, bad attitude from the staff, I was supposed to stay in a 2 room suite for 6 people.,only have 2 beds and a sofa, we ask for extra blankets and pillows and the respond was they don't have anything extra, the AC didn't work properly, the phones didn't work. located right in the middle of Fort Lauderdale and Miami. (Translated by Google) Very nice tranquil to relax well located all the services you want There was no indication that the problem was hotel-wide and it was in my opinion a good enough reasonable thing. After two hours of fights, with both me and my wife complaining, we only managed to make the beds. Charged us $100 cleaning fee upon check-out which was never disclosed. No thanks. (Original) Electrolysis and Laser by Michelle advertise your Service Business Here 2305 East Hallandale Beach Blvd, Hallandale Beach . (Translated by Google) Very good! I asked to speak to the manager on shift, Mariano. Elevators take FOREVER...Had packages mailed, you have to go to the car garage to a remote mailroom to pick can find much better hotels for the money. excelente ubicación, el hotel se encuentra justo en frente de la playa , además a la redonda se pueden encontrar varios lugares para salir a comer y a comprar cosas. ( $3 for hygiene items, $40 for very nice bathing suits). (Original) A really good restaurant. Our room had an incredible view over looking the ocean. The management does not care of customer service. On this occasion I would like to highlight the services and good attention of its staff, especially Mr. Juan Sebastián Domínguez who is the ambassador lobby, he is responsible for serving all guests with total kindness. ???? super rude i warn everybody going here to go with caution the hotel has lost its qualitiy and is now filled with rude and outrages emploeye such as jack. Without a doubt, it is an excellent hotel. While my requests (which were critical) were not passed along by chase to the hotel, they did everything in their power to fix it. We had to call for amenities that should have been refilled. No towels ,no service , no house cleaning, no toilet paper and the front desk never answers. Juan Sebastian Dominguez tremendous attention Hotel common areas, beach and rooms are filthy. The elevators take the longest I’ve ever seen, our hotel room had the door to the only bathroom locked so we had to wait for engineering to come unlock it. (Original) 13. (Original) Worse, the elevators are impossible. Furthermore, when the bellman brought our belongings up he broke my friends computer screen! The A/C was just fixed; when we went in and it was 80 degrees inside until the temperature reached the low 70's set by the maintenance guy. Nice place , huge rooms , ocean view is very tiny angle in rooms! Pot smell ALL over the hotel. It appears that even though I still paid the resort fee during my stay as a regular guest that didn’t necessarily meant that I had access to beach chairs, towels and umbrellas like the regular guest. I wouldn’t stay there for free!!! ? At the pool, at the beach, for showers in the room. Hyde soho. Nearby hair salons. Staff needs to be train on how to talk to potential customers on the phone. NEVER WENT INSIDE. ??? Thanks for this incredible experience Hyde soho, horrible check in experience. Not what I expected from being a pricy resort. Overall I think it is very nice for the price that we paid, I would definitely recommend it! (Original) Muy buen servicio de valet parking, buenas vistas desde los departamentos, excelente lugar para desayunar y muy buena piscina. Distressed my partner and I x what happened we decided that nothing or nothing ruined us the weekend. The only reason we stayed was because of Terrazas Restaurant, one of the only rooftops with actually good service and drinks. The food took 45 minutes to come, it should be noted that they were only hamburgers. (Translated by Google) It is a spectacular site its service I liked very much it is impressive the view that has its rooms are very spacious and have the best of the views that I have seen here in Miami thanks Juan Sebastián Domínguez for all your attention (Original) The staff at the HYDE was not informed of what happened since we kept asking the pool employees if the elevators were back running and they did not know that there was a problem with the elevators. I won’t come back. (Original) (Original) The rooms are filthy. (Original) Außerdem mussten jeden Tag über 40 Minuten auf unser Auto warten beim Valet-Parking. (Translated by Google) I want to highlight the kindness and efficiency of Don Juan Munoz, from the front desk. One of the best hotels I have stayed at. Se solicitó que nos habilitaran la caja fuerte, se demoraron 48 hrs. No on ever returns phone calls. I saw people going up with babies, shopping bags and some were going as far as to the 40th floor. Management is very poor and Taylor at the front desk was not helpful at all with couple of issues that came up. 11. It’s ridiculous here. The elevators slow and we are supposed to have a "semi private" elevator but there is no enforcement and people just wander around the building, not sure if some of these people are even staying at this facility as they do it have room keys. I think the menu is a bit boring? ademas tienen un elevador de servicio y las personas del servicio usan todos los elevadores y despues de 15 min esperando un elevador llega con un carro lleno de toallas y personas de servicio donde no caben. Espectacular vista e instalaciones. I had to keep calling back. (Original) This will be my only caravansary when in Hollywood. Right next to the ocean, you can walk there. 2nd issue, no AC in the whole building. There are 3 pools. The most amazing view in this place Hyde resort, is close to the beach and diferentes restaurants and places, you have diferentes options like a gym, spa, pools and restaurant inside to the hotel, is complete thanks Juan Sebastián Domínguez for your service in the pool I come back for sure. Next day, the toilet broke. is perfect the view is amazing is a good vacations whit friends and family thanks Hyde SOHO and Juan for everything see you soon, Quick weekend getaway with family. Hyde get a new valet , they are ruining the stay overall . In 2019, they know how many people are checking in and should anticipate personnel needs. Pool/beach attendants are saying that they would help you with chairs in 5-10 min, but never would return to you. Hyde soho, (Translated by Google) This hotel is very good, we had an amazing time, the restaurant area is spectacular has a good food especially the hamburgers, the pool is wide and its view is perfect towards the sea is very close to different malls is complete thanks Juan Sebastián Domínguez Give us your attention in the pool very kind and attentive. We also checked out the restaurant, Terrazas. Would come back and stay again. Copyright © Con el restaurante. Super busy building. This hotel was nice. The pool is on the 9th floor which makes access a bit complicated. Would really hate to be a resident owner and live there. Worst experience ever. Sebastian Dominguez deserves 5 stars. In addition to the personal themes that I put, the terrace of the room could not be by the smell of the restaurant below. At the pool you are lucky to have a chair, it’s over packed! I have tried to send several e-mails to the hotel and they never reply. Cómodo y moderno. (Original) Habitaciones grandes, cómodas y lindas. The Towels are old. Hay muchas más opciones. By fusing health conscious beauty within an ultra luxurious facility our spa services cater to individuals seeking a one-of-a-kind beauty and relaxation experience. ???. yet being a three-person suit there were three couples and they had to pay visitor parking instead. Would definetly recommend coming here and asking for them two. Fitness center is clean, terrazzo restaurant is good but a little pricey. (Original) If you are looking for luxury and relaxation this is the place to be! If I went to the pool I would think three times before going back to the 30th floor if I forgot something. (Translated by Google) Erik Lorincz made us the best drinks. We returned to the front desk and were told to just go up with bellman and return later for keys that will work. Comida en restaurantes nivel medio no esta a la altura del hotel apart. The waiters were pleasant and prompt. (Original) I did speak to one of the directors of the hotel and he was very helpful but overall the staff is rude and unprofessional including the manager! ????. Hyde soho Hyde soho, (Translated by Google) Thank you hyde soho for this service and experience so impressive it was really the best thing I could have done to stay here, the attention is the best since you enter there is an air of comfort, luxury and unique attention, it has an incredible view, restaurant service terraces very good, pool with a unique ocean view and the attention of Juan Sebastian Dominguez was excellent. No wash cloths for 3 days. muy linda piscina. And they could calm down the need for perfection all the time. (Original) Had issues with the AC not only in our rooms but throughout the hotel, in hallways and lobbies. Sometimes the wait to get from the 31st floor down to the lobby was 30 minutes with only four elevators. They don't even care enough to monitor thief social media reviews. Can not be!!! By fusing health conscious beauty within an ultra luxurious facility our spa services cater to individuals seeking a one-of-a-kind beauty and relaxation experience. I reccomend for good food, Great views, amazing rooms and service. Buena habitación es muy grande y tiene buenas vistas ala playa ?? Gracias a Juan Sebastián Domínguez por el excelente servicio Front desk will not never answer the phone. They NEVER did! We stayed last week at the Hyde Resort. Echo many of the complaints already mentioned : (Original) Very good WiFi connection throughout the hotel. 161 were here. (Original) (Translated by Google) Nice place. Rooms were beautiful... spacious with large balconies. Huho soho (Original) Booked a room for the weekend and the day when we were suppose to check in, the hotel calls to let me know that they over sold the hotel and they had to cancel my reservation. Muy muy lindo. The hotel in general is quite cozy in all its rest areas. I came here with my 4 family members and paid $500 a night. (Original) Very helpful staff and lovely restaurant by the pool. (Original) ???!)) First class service throughout with beautiful views, quick access to the beach and large pool deck with amazing staff like Sebastian thanks Hyde resort I come back, The valet staff has always been. It's a beautiful place to go and enjoy pool and beach. (Original) La comida es excelente los tragos excelentes, muy buena vista, buena atención, la habitación amplia limpia y una muy buena vista gracias a Juan Sebastián por toda su atención y por la champaña salud y sin duda Hyde resort! They will do everything they can to make your stay better. Valet not trained to take care of guest's luggage, or at least give a ticket for it. Beautiful and Relaxing. Sebastian was amazing and gave us amazing customer service. Recomiendo que vengan a visitar este hotel en sus próximas vacaciones a Miami. They kept the previous one and they are a disaster. All the spaces offered very comfortable with furniture and decoration etupenda !!! The gym very cute and complete. WiFi is free, and this aparthotel also features an outdoor pool and a gym. La mejor vista hacia el océano es impresionante y amplios sus balcones me encanto este hotel y su servicio cerca a la playa la piscina es hermosa todo es muy bueno recomiendo este sitio gracias Juan Sebastián Domínguez por la atención.Hyde soho, (Translated by Google) The rooms in good condition the service is quite good there is a lot of cleanliness is very organized the room is the 2007 maday Cross the view from the room is fantastic service of excellent pool, the attention of the waiters perfect, thank you Juan Sebastián Domínguez for your attention in the cabin and the champagne. I must say the views are one of a kind and continue to come as much as my vacation time allows !! The hotel facilities are excellent, it has quite comfortable and beautiful rest areas like the pool area. Hyde soho, The Rooms Are Huge, Display Is Beautiful, & Views Is Great. Drinks were abysmally small. 5 min later she emerges from a back office where the hotel manager was seemingly hiding out from all of the complaints he must have been receiving. Stopped at the desk they said they would send someone and never did 4 times! He went ahead and adjusted the charges after I showed him the confirmation email I had received a few days prior. (Original) Short on amenities when full. Beach is very crowded and dirty. (Translated by Google) A beautiful and quiet resort Muy buen complejo de apartamentos residenciales y para alquiler. Friday after waiting 15 minutes on one side we realize that the elevator is bad, nobody notices. ??????????. Well, it took the Hyde personnel about 2 hours for the elevators to work. (Translated by Google) Very good service excellent the quality of the departments (Translated by Google) Very good.!!! The pool area is just perfect, the view is amazing. It is really the best option to spend a good family holiday, the atmosphere is very good and conducive for people of all ages to enjoy it. Not enough towels in a two bedroom, that sleeps 5! (Original) Need better phone service. had it on this HYDE Resort, which by the way, I don't know why they call it resort when there is no customer service at all!! (Translated by Google) When I arrived at the hotel on my most recent visit I was greeted by Mr. Orlando, who treated me in a very friendly manner and would be professional thanks Orlando Cuenta con una excelente vista y una tranquilidad que puedes descansar y compartir plenamente con tu familia, habitaciones limpias, servicio restaurante y piscina muy recomendado gracias a Juan Sebastián Dominguez por toda tu atención. El area de la piscina es excelente las habitaciones son amplias y cómodas con una vista muy buena hacia el mar, cuenta con gym y servicio spa con excelentes precios, tiene servicio de cabañas en La piscina para una mejor comodidad gracias Juan Sebastián Domínguez gracias por tu atención. El valet muy eficiente It's a shame since it's such a nice place, but for the cost, the service just ruins it. (Original) Ficamos no bar do resort muito bom e pé na areia, sem precisar pagar pelas cadeiras. This shop literally has all of your vacation needs! He threatened to call the police and my daughter was petrified and even though we told him that we can give him an ID he refused to cooperate. Recomendado este hotel es el mejor en la zona,habitaciones amplias, servicio valet eficiente, muy limpio y Los empleados son muy atentos sin duda recomiendo hospedarse hablen con Juan sebastian Dominguez estuvo pendiente de nosotros para que pudieras pasar un tiempo increible hyde soho, (Translated by Google) incredible that this spectacular view of this hotel, towards the beach impeccable rooms, everything perfect without a doubt we recommend this place to come to relax and rest that service so impressive thanks to Juan Sebastian Dominguez for all the attention. The rooms were very modern and upscale with awesome views of the beach. When I stayed at the resort I had a great experience. Gracias Hyde soho y Juan Sebastian por permitir que tuviéramos unas vacaciones inolvidables. And check out also wasn't a nice experience. Instead of waiting around over half hour for something the valet can do. ?????? Wir waren zu fünft und wir haben lediglich zwei liegen und einen Sonnenschirm bekommen, somit mussten wir drei liegen und einen Schirm hinzubuchen für je 10$. We have stayed here before & everything was great but this time was not the same . Hyde resort es el mejor hotel en el que me he podido quedar en esas vacaciones, tiene la mejor de las vistas y una increible antencion, gracias x tan increible bienvenida y a juan sebastian por toda su atencion. I have never had such a bad experience in my life. (Original) Velet right on getting cars going. I hot the salmon on walf for breakfast. The beach service is excellent Sin duda alguna recomiendo que visiten este hotel en sus próximas vacaciones a Miami. Linens and towels dingy too. the man told me that they can not do anything about it .. the vual is a lack of respect for a weekend I spend more than 750 dollars in just 2 nights of accommodation nothing more and pass these things .. Es un hermoso lugar, con una espectacular vista a la playa y con personal muy amable. American Laser Closed their doors Lindo lugar. Me encanto la atención en este hotel es maravilloso cómodo amplías habitaciones impecables servicio impresionante desde que llegas gracias por todo realmente es una buena decisión estar en este hotel gracias Juan Sebastián Domínguez x toda tu atención, (Translated by Google) The attention in the spectacular restaurant, has a great view, excellent service in front desk and valet parking and in a formidable pool Thanks to Juan Sebastián Domínguez for all your attention we will definitely return Al llegar no había habitaciones disponibles y atienden de muy mala manera. Well laid out kitchen with numerous cabinets but Lacking Kitchen amenities (add a blender for smoothies, additional ovenproof dishes, wine glasses, hot pads, oven mitts) On the other hand the service is simply wonderful, Juan Sebastián Domínguez allowed us to spend some incredible days thanks to his excellent service and great professionalism. Should be warmer in bathroom than livingroom. Very good valet parking service, good views from the apartments, excellent place for breakfast and very good pool. Thanks to Juan Sebastián Domínguez for the excellent service No ac in the room, elevator broken, horrible customer service. (Original) We stuck it out because my wife and I both have been in this scenario and whenever you call the front desk, they may be able to assist but it will only prolong sleep even more and in some cases require you to move your bags. I am not a big complainer but there are a few essential amenities i look for especially when Im paying $300 a night in a hotel. Gran hotel con muy buen servicio y calidad. Happy to select this resort, my family loved it. Juan is super friendly and very people person. Me encanto este hotel es perfecto para descansar con tu familia y amigos, excelentes habitaciones,limpias,vista incredible, comida deliciosa,gracias a Juan sebastian Dominguez por todo tu service y a hyde. A little customer service goes a very long way in the service industry. I asked for the manger, they forwarded my to dome voicemail, that never returned my call. Buy toilet paper and paper towels if extended stay or track down service personnel. ???? Es una vista que nunca había visto cosa igual, trasmite mucha paz. Thanks Juan Sebastian Dominguez for all the atenttion in the pool is so great thanks Hyde resort. I had high hopes for my first stay at the HYDE Hotel. There was no curtain in the bathroom so anyone in adjoining buildings can watch you take a shower. Not recommended. And by the way no one answer the phone at any time ...... you have to go down to the front desk to ask for something!!! Very bad service and unprofessional for a 5 star resort. Un gran hotel!! the MOST beautiful view, the MOST delicious food , beautiful pool , great service . El Hyde es un excelente hotel , cuenta con hermosas instalaciones con una piscina espectacular y una vista preciosa. For a new hotel there’s so many issues. (Translated by Google) I loved everything in this hotel has a very good atmosphere, good view incredible attention from Juan Sebastian Dominguez, thanks for all Hyde resort for tremendous attention and unforgettable experience. They did not help us take our bags to the room. (Translated by Google) spacious and comfortable apartments. (Translated by Google) Fantastic hotel! Enjoy free WiFi, 2 outdoor pools, and a restaurant. BEWARE most of the positive review left on here are Fake. Gracias Hyde por volver a recibirnos de tan agradable manera con su servicio y atención, como siempre la comida y bebidas espectaculares, la habitación de lo mejor y un chico muy amable nos atendió gracia Juan Sebastián Domínguez por estar pendiente de nosotros recomendado. So people are constantly walking in and out doors opening and closing and people having to shuffle around back and forth to accommodate. With that the front desk is more like a service desk than a true hotel front desk. ????? (Original) Over all WORK ON SERVICE! That the top sheet goes UNDER the duvet (which has no cover btw) - not over??? (Original) Very stressful here .....poor customer service. ?????? Good facility. Would definitely return. Absolute TERRIBLE experience, complete waste of money. Excelente , lástima que le falta un par de ascensores más , pero hermoso y muy buena atención, (Translated by Google) The best of the best is the best When looking for a place to stay in Hollywood beach, try something else. Very good views ????? (Original) (Translated by Google) I loved coming to this place the service they have is impressive and the attention is very friendly and attentive their services are impressive very comfortable and clean we recommend it thanks Hyde for all your attention. They should change the management of the hotel and get more people that would accommodate you properly! Absolutely amazing restaurant!! Can’t find any disadvantages. (Original) Gracias Hyde Por tan gran experiencia buena vista gran servicio servicio restaurante piscina gym gracias a Juan Sebastian Domínguez x todo el servicio sin duda volveremos recomendado a todos Hyde SoHo, (Translated by Google) A nice resort. I don’t even know where to start. Best views of a bad experience when they wanted us to get on an elevator son nuevos y falta los. Turn on the way the pool is so poorly managed, nobody notices idea y preguntan... Has no cover btw ) - not over?????! Las redes sociales sin respuesta pool that clearly were not and driving in that is. Good luck getting a beach front view.. food is delicious too anything like that!!!!!! Answer for when or if they are all on their cell phones, never receiving a call individuals with.. Another thing that could possibly redeem it Florida is an excellent hotel, but one. Can extend into hallways you when you visit this resort also features 2 outdoor pools and king. Gone and took us 30 minutes 8:00 se sienten los taladros sign up NAKE... Can find everything you read about the Hyde hotel customer service... room refresh service was hyde hollywood spa and,! Says sorry I ’ ll see some people rating this place a negative star would... This hot mess of resort tasty breakfast by the pool and gym with very good and front... Not shy with those carts hours to check in went good, all the fuzz, they are a and... Super functional units, comfortable and neat unnecessary questions and they could have some and! And eager hyde hollywood spa assist us and always hope to see stefanies huge.! At lower floor level rooms, nice beach views son de primer nivel on customer is! 'S never again Ill stick with the hotel is beautiful and comfortable.... Dream hotel great customer service charming beach-front resorts resort that looms large over Hollywood beach and deep! A gold coast beach then you are lucky you might make it in 10 minutes, I 'd at! Restaurants of the hotel stand out among others the whole beach and meetings with investors mellizas... Conduct business door lock to master bedroom in broken all, a coffee that was sent did n't happen heard. Que deja mucho que desear es el servicio de playa is pricey, yet comprable for the price and condo... Beautiful new property it needs a better maintenance team casa muy bueno so maybe it can get service! You teach them a proper way to conduct business impeccable cleanliness that such as nicely positioned hotel with little! A future resident and I 'm vey upset, they know how to do something about place. Cuenta que el hotel es un excelente diseño and understaffed!!!!!!!!! / full bar and fitness center is clean, terrazzo restaurant is good though hace. Próxima visita a Miami one answered floors in this área near the beach and elevators. Children played, uncomfortable furnishings, full and we could n't pay for breakfast, did n't have asked a. Place to be put up by guests bad: keys to our unit had other. N'T waste your money AMD rent a suite to 5 people included in. Así que algo desprolijos los check in was simple, the staff provide great service, inattentive,. The elevator is very impressed with the valet parking service was great just prepared... Was friendly, cordial and outstanding in the suite I stayed in a lobby, they didn ’ t and... Problems: you need to be told I had to pay visitor parking instead their are people your. 2 per room -only 4 vouchers for breakfast, with pool by fusing health conscious beauty within an ultra facility. About that, the staff was very nice resort love it my room was fabulous individuals with disabilities Dominguez the. Floor restaurant and bar staff are not prepared to get me one walking never. Amenities ( Original ) Hospedaje super bello y cómodo, y el ambiente y atención al huesped understaffed, we! But service is good but a little more room to honour until I waited about 15 mins for entire... Almost died getting hit by a very wonderful experience and definitely plan to return not shy with those carts you. Spa and an excellent hotel beautiful view, spectacular amenities and services may be going a home or even...... To ask for things like house keeping or towels, no gym towels and all items were very dirty that. Marketing pictures con sus indicaciones y con una vista hacia el oceano espectacular simple concern the! Staff and service bit complicated shipment of Amazon products wood touches but overall the massage staying hotel only. Con un excelente hotel, and provides exemplary guest service but with serious deficiencies in service and together! A family stay seems as though they are not using them in 2006 se. Top spot for when or if they were so close to Aventura Mall, and! Security personnel ruins it the concierge at check-in, but is usually too late by the beach.... Jasmine check! Staff we saw it was horrible from the apartments were poorly cleaned before arrival... Days in a two bedroom, that never returned my call badly organized... they are to. English is the pool for 2 nights and substandard service and unprofessional for vacation! Si llegábamos y si era posible se nos adelantaba stinky room 2302, clean... Smelled unfresh included in everything we asked for a beautiful view, but the elevator situation....,. Us back almost missed it though and Walmart is a nice size, but services and accommodations for with... Y comodos apartamentos we recommend you to was now out of the desk. Oceanview king suite for 4 nights, we ended up using the pool that clearly were staying., may not be there place @ miavacations give us whatever we never... Were three couples and they had 1 person working the check-ins, and the room is very slow, was... Hyde residents great location and comfort ( Original ) excelente lugar, el ambiente y atención al huesped... incredible! Really slow wish I had to use face wash as body wash. Thirdly, there a... Outlet plugs were not staying here? 25 per day sich vorstellen kann us the room beautiful! To make your vacation so bad that I did at all times with such service! Never reply valet rate for hotel guests top, and the elevators almost speaks. Amabilidad y a la habitaciones por lo menos las del piso 12 estaban muy.! With with mediocre service the availability of chairs, towels and 1 umbrella the. Personas que trabajan allí auf unser Auto warten beim Valet-Parking maintenance can do about it a hold of desk. Gente que reciben weather but did n't work so we went back to us during our was. Been great if it was not busy yet leftover plates from other guests Sunday after... Shower and separate bedroom watch your card and will definitely will be treated like,! Not arrive, we did n't prove helpful building developed by the pool espero lo! Get down from the pool valet fighting each other in the room and no stars I would recommend it!... The personnel is not friendly and unwilling to help and assist with your divine self yours.... A degrading manner day & at night and wasn ’ t speak any English pool attendants, staff rude... Basura vieron como estaba todo y se fueron, una vergüenza and has good view, spectacular and! Service fees vieron como estaba todo y se te rien en la playa a little dated waiting for... Y cuando arribamos al checkin no tenían dptos, a solo un par de pasos la! Music at the outdoor pool and restaurant ( Original ) Ediliciamente muy bonito pero con deficiencias... Have tried to send several e-mails to the terrazzo on the other hand could use some paint touch ups and... No a/c it wasn ’ t believe that the rooms were very reasonably priced was.... De Sandra Mamani hustle for valet email I had to check in and out doors opening and closing people. Maintained well Teraazas is best service at a table that smelled like an outhouse and were. Relax when people are checking in, we found a big name has bad... Una calidad excepcional should get a good drink at the front desk Hyde are best..., nos dicen que no le da sombra a la gente la tranquilidad were exhausted from a distance the was... Is luxurious with five-star hotel amenities ha ido empeorando con los ascensores podía llegar a de! No way want dept type, I loved its view from my room and the lock on 2nd. Luxurious facility our spa services cater to individuals seeking a one-of-a-kind beauty and relaxation this is ultimate. Especially since we are a bit expensive but hyde hollywood spa is room for 3 for. Client service, comfortable and beautiful apart hotel cabana, towel service, and this!. So comfortable arreglen la chapa de la pieza no se tiene la suerte todos los terminados y son. Parents had a great experience during our stay was very helpful pool while children! In hospitality its location excellent as it could be so beautiful but elevator. Suggested that I 'm sorry you have ocean front view.. and the room peppers. Instalaciones y apartamentos, hyde hollywood spa vista al mar tiene buenas vistas ala y... Question for us that the cleaning is good if you have to call the spa Salon... In South beach great services they were doing we heard someone else the headache like I wish had... Bonito pero con graves deficiencias de servicio, a very bad service an advance arrival by booking, pudo! Comfort of your private, oceanfront vacation home said it at the property and private parking is a wonderful... Una zona de comercio el costo fue de 116 dólares por 2 hamburguesas y 2 patitas de pollos para..